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Passion for buildings

An important part of Phorio are researchers and people who care about buildings. All our community members have a strong interest in architecture, photography, geography, engineering, or real estate. Together we form the Phorio community.

Many of the members are researchers while others are here entirely for business reasons. Whatever type of person you are, the community members all have one in common: we are highly interested in buildings and anything that can be built, we like to share information with likeminded people on a volunteering basis. Together we form Phorio, and we're proud of it.

Our community consists of three levels of membership: Members, editors, and senior editors. When you sign up initially, you are automatically considered a member. By contributing information and getting involved, you earn badges and your experiences will grow. If you reach an expert level, you can become an editor.

The members of our community are spread all over the world in all major countries. They have local meet-ups, and there are world conferences also from time to time where all editors and senior editors are invited to. Do you have a passion for buildings?


As a member you have access to extended research functionality and editorial tools to submit data and photos. Members are employees of companies work in building-related industries, are researchers, or simply have a passion for buildings. Join now. It's free!


When a member has earned enough knowledge and badges over time, he can submit an application to become an editor (or he is suggested by other editors to become one). Only the best applications will pass as only 20% of all applications get accepted. Once you are an editor, you have access to administrative tools and deeper analytical services. Editors are mentors and review the work of community members and business users.

Senior editors

As a senior editor you have proven your exceptional knowledge about buildings over a long period of time. To become a senior editor, you have to be elected by all other senior editors through a voting system. Senior editors mentor editors, and are highly recognized industry professionals. Senior editors have access to all analytics tools and research services.

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