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Creating a data coordination framework

Phorio Standards defines thousands of meanings for terms in the areas of real estate, architecture, construction, engineering, geography, and financing, which are relevant to users for understanding their meaning and making it easier to exchange information.

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Why standards matter

Good Reasons for Phorio Standards


Phorio Standards is a venue for innovation and refinement of standards. Because of its global and open approach to making standards widely accessible, diverse users can collaborate on uniform definitions.

Free and open

All definitions are open and available for free use. Anyone can share, download, copy, and distribute them for an unlimited time. The codes can be adopted and incorporated into any commercial or non-commercial project.


The issued codes reflect a broad consensus on the meanings of various terms and categories. This is a foundation for easing exchange and conversion of data between different parties and different IT systems.

Coordination for anyone

Use Phorio Passcoding (powered by these data standards here) that allow anyone to identify built object and to exchange common sense information on them. The definitions defined here form a framework for this.

How to use the standards

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